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V-Guard, India’s leading electric and electronic consumer products brand, is a name trusted by over 50 million customers for the past three decades (since 1977). Renowned for innovative products, world-class quality standards and technological excellence, it is also India’s No.1 Stabilizer brand. V-Guard offers a wide range of products built for modern living, including Electronic & Digital Stabilizers, UPS, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, pumps, wiring cables, industrial cables, Fans, etc.,. Designed and developed by V-Guard’s ISO 9000 certified R&D, these products are made from high quality components, quality checked at various levels through the manufacturing process and equipped with latest technology & advanced features to deliver superior performance.
V-Guard products are available with more than 9000 authorised dealers and 250 distributors located across 19 states.

V-Guard Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Solar Water Heater

A revolutionary product from V-Guard, the brand that has always given the best in quality, technology, performance and service. V-Guard solar water heaters are made from high quality components and comes with international technology. The ETC system facilitates high efficiency absorption and utilization of solar energy, with minimum heat loss. V-Guard solar water heater saves a substantial amount on electricity bills and other fuels, making it a worthy investment for a lifetime. Both pressurized and non pressurized Solar Water Heater models are available.


Features of V-Guard Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) System

The concentric, high quality Borosilicate glass tubes in the Evacuated Tube Collector are sealed on both ends to create vacuum. The number of tubes vary
       according to the capacity
The high quality Solar Selective Coating (A/N/SS/CU) facilitates excellent heat absorption and minimum heat emission
The storage tank is made of food grade stainless steel – SS304L (Sail Steel / Jindal Steel)
ISI backup heater with Automatic Temperature Controller (optional)
Fitted with Sacrificial Anode
Huge savings on electricity and fuel charges
Models with Aluminium Stucco coated outer cover
Manufactured in our V-Guard factory with imported machineries, latest welding technology and experienced R&D team

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