Solar energy refers to electric or thermal energy produced from the light or heat of the sun. There are several types of solar technologies; however, this section focuses only on photovoltaic (PV for short) systems, which convert sunlight into electricity.

Why choose solar?
By choosing solar power generation for your home or business, you can make a difference to our environment and save money at the same time.
The system allows you to harness the abundant power of the sun, creating sustainable energy. Connection to the electricity grid means you can get extra power if you need it, and you can “sell” any excess power you generate that you don't first use in your home or business, back to the grid.

Why Solar PV system is inevitable ?

  Increasing energy demand every year across India due to :
        increase in usage pattern (existing consumers)
        population and industrial growth (new consumers)
  Growing energy shortage which leads to power cut. (average every year energy deficit of 20%/year)
  Increasing Power Tariff Rates
  Avoid Carbon Emission. Increase eco friendly green, clean renewable energy generation to protect the world.
  Non availability of sufficient power to commercial & industrial consumers.
  Huge Diesel & running cost of Diesel Generator Sets.
  Very high Tariff & penalities for excess energy usage for HT consumers.
  TN Govt – Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO) scheme of 6% (HT consumers of Tariff 1 to V & LT consumers of Tariff V)
  Central Govt. Company’s Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme of 2% spend.

What are the benefits of Solar PV system / Why I should buy a Solar PV system ?

Freedom from Power cuts

  Huge savings from Solar PV system

  Creates clean and Green Renewable Energy that will sustain & support the health of future generations.
  Social / Environmental responsibility
  Supports national energy Independence because solar electricity is used where it is generated without any transmission cost or much energy loss.
      Thereby, it reduces the nation’s energy shortage burden
  Abandant energy source available everywhere
  Only 120 sq.ft of roof top space required to install 1 kwp Solar PV system
  1500 units / year of Annual Electricity Generation from 1 kwp Solar PV system (under STC)
  Average savings of Rs.8,000/= per year from 100 LPD Solar water heater system (under STC)
  Profitable high Return on Investment (ROI)
  Net Metering Benefits (subject to Govt approval)
  On-Grid system benefits for commercial & Industrial consumers
  80% of accelerated depreciation benefit in the first year of installation for commercial & industrial consumers
  30% Tax savings on Solar PV system investment for commercial & industrial consumers
  Very low Maintenance of Solar PV system
  25 years Durability of Solar PV system
  Eco friendly, No noise, No smoke and No pollution.

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