Simha Solar offers unique and customized Roof top Solar Power Solutions for its residential customers using the latest technology, innovative design and high quality products to meet the customer needs of today and future.

Simha Solar team will do initially the power requirement analysis with future forecasting along with the roof top site inspection to derive & finalise the feasible Solar PV sytem configuration which is inline with the customer needs and expectations.

Simha Solar always ensure to give the high efficiency system with great “Value for Money” and the profitable ROI. We provide Off-Grid / Grid Interactive Solar Power system with battery backup having the priority of Solar power first, then the Battery power followed by the Grid inorder to make the maximum savings on the electricity bills as well as the best utilisation of the Solar power generated.

Solar PV system will be feeding power to the dedicated load in the house and excess power generated will be charging the batteries. In the absence of solar energy, load is fed by the battery. When the battery reaches the recharging level and if there is no solar energy, the grid (TNEB distribution line) will feed the required energy to the load and simultaneously recharge the battery to a specific level inorder to leave the balance charging to be done by the Solar energy. All these synchronisations & decision of energy feeding source and charging is done by the intelligent PCU / Invertor in the Solor PV system.

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OFF-GRID / GRID INTERACTIVE (With Battery & Net-meter)


Simha Solar also provides variant Off-Grid / Grid Interactive model of Solar PV system with Net-metering facility. The concept of Net-metering will enable the customer to sell the unutilised solar energy generated (incase of less load & battery fully charged) to the utility company (TNEB) and make good money as well improve the ROI. The configuration of this system is slightly different by replacing the above system PCU / Invertor with a higher sophisticated intelligent one, apart from adding the Solar generation meter and Net-meter.




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