Honeywell Solar Water Heater System

With cost and energy savings like never before, Honeywell solar water heating systems address heating requirements for varying family sizes, climate conditions & building types. Besides, through a strong dealer network across country & well trained installation team, the systems are easily accessible to end users, thus bringing solar to every home.

The Thermosiphon principle :

Honeywell solar water heaters work on thermosiphon principle, a highly trusted and efficient system of water heating. Based on phenomenon of natural convection, water stored in the collector heats up by solar energy, becomes lighter and rises naturally into the tank above. At the same time the cooler water in the tank flows down the pipe to bottom of the collector, and this circulation continues to occur naturally, resulting in overall temperature rise of water stored in the tank.

Honeywell Offers both stand alone and commercial (Open Loop Collector System) types of Soalr Water Heater.


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