BORG – Designed in USA. Customised for India.

BORG Inc. – registered in Texas, USA with rich experience in alternative energy and Smart Grid Technology with extensive project experience in North America, Europe, South Africa, China and SE Asia. Now launches the Astra Home Series Solar Power Plant with a unique technology – The “I Smart Grid” Power Control Unit (PCU), customized exclusively for India.

Astra Its a Power Plant. Not Just Backup.

BORG products are Micro Solar Power Plant units. Installing a BORG Astra unit is like installing your very own Micro Power Plant at home to generate your own electricity. It becomes your primary sources of electricity. Thus reducing the quantum of State generated Power that you consume. By deploying our unique Smart Grid Technology, BORG ensures uninterrupted power supply and all the power generated by our Astra Plant comes completely free of cost. The Astra Plant optimises the utilization of Grid power, stabilizes the output voltage instead of erratic fluctuations and maximizes your savings.

How does it work ?

Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electrical energy, using either a direct method known as Photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power. It is environmentally-friendly, easy to harness, and can be seamlessly incorporated into your regular power consumption using the BORG Astra Home Series. The only differences you will note are the increased reliability and the reduced electricity bills.

BORG Astra power plants are intelligent smart grid systems that generate your own electricity using solar power. When the solar output power is greater than the required load power, the intelligent hybrid power controller will deliver the excess power to charge the battery. When the electricity generated is less than the required load, it will take only the differential excess power requirement from the grid. Thus the system efficiently manages solar power, saving on energy bills, while contributing to a greener environment.
BORG Astra is an intelligent device that requires no monitoring, and has an online protection function, friendly alarm system and no-load auto shutdown.

BORG Astra Models ranges from 250 w to 2500 w and above solar rated power plants, meeting everone's need.

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What does this mean for you ?

Independence:  Generate your own electricity
Cost saving: The electricity you generate and use is free
Reliability: Never experience a power cut
Fuss-free: No need for an inverter. It can act as a power plant, stabilizer & inverter.
Green power: Solar energy is 100% environmentally friendly, clean and quiet
Returns: An Astra plant is an investment, and you begin to reap returns immediately
No hidden costs: There are no maintenance costs and installation is free
Assurance: A 25 year warranty comes with your Astra unit
Superior expertise: American research, development and technology



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